DIY Makeup for Dating Portraits - Fuller Lips


Tip 4 - Lip Pencil, Lipstick, Translucent Powder & Lip Gloss are Required

Remember, your favourite lip colour will look very subdued under professional studio lighting so you will need to use a brighter and bolder choice of colour.

By following our professional  make up tricks your lips will be beautifully symmetric and and absolutely irresistible!

  • Apply lipstick two shades brighter than normal for studio photos
  • Choose a liner which matches your lip colour not your lips
  • Try a fashionable dual colour lip stick look
  • Lip gloss should be applied only to the centre of the mouth

Begin by out lining your lips with a lip pencil. This should match the colour of your lipstick. It's important not to follow the actual line of your lips - to make your lips appear fuller the outline should trace around the outside of your natural lip line by 2-3mm.

Your lip stick should now be brush applied and blended into the liner. Take some tissue, fold it in half, placing it between your lips and pressing them together. Translucent powder should now be applied, followed by another layer of lipstick. Any excess should be removed using a tissue and lip gloss should be applied to the middle of the lips

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