DIY Makeup for Professional Business Studio Photo Shoots


Tip 5 - Makeup for Facial Contouring and Sculpting

We recommend the use of the Revlon Photoready Sculpting Blush Palette which comes complete with highlight and shadow colours.

This subject is well covered in depth on many websites so all we would like to point out is remember to apply the contour makeup heavier than you normally would.

Tips on Contouring, Blush and Powder

  • Remember to apply contour makeup heavier than you normally would
  • Use a powdered blush - gels and creams will look too shiny
  • Finish with a generous amount of matte power
  • Gloss goes on moments before the photo shoot

Use a a densely bristled blush brush to blend in powered blush - creams and gels look too shiny in photos.

Finish with a generous sprinkle of loose powder with a giant powder brush. If you use a compact to apply the powder you will loose your facial contouring and sculpting. A good tip is not to use translucent powder as this can look too chalky.

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