DIY Makeup for Professional Business Studio Photo Shoots


Tip 4 - Lips, Liner and Gloss

Remember, your favourite lip colour will look very subdued in both amateur and professional photos so you will need to a brighter and bolder choice of colour. Take a couple of photos on your mobile phone and compare different shades of lipstick to understand what we mean.

Liner application is first - it is important to choose one which matches your natural lip colour and not the lipstick you are going to use. The outermost edge of the lips should be lightly lined.

Tips on Applying Lipstick in Business Headshots

  • Lipstick needs to be applied two shades brighter in professional photos
  • Choose a liner which matches your lip colour not your lips
  • Try a fashionable dual colour lip stick look
  • It's up you to decide if lip gloss is suitable

Traditionally, one colour of lip stick has been used for both top and bottom lips. There is now a dual colour lipstick fashion. Use coral and berry colours as opposed to red and pinks as they look better in photos.

Finally, applying gloss to your lips is a personal choice and only you can decide if it is appropriate to your business sector.

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