DIY Makeup for Professional Business Studio Portraits


Tip 3 - Applying Eye Makeup

Use a heavy hand when applying eye make up for your business portrait - eye makeup will look one or two shades lighter in photos so needs to be applied darker. Use a palette with at least four neutral coloured shades that are matte - the ELF palette works well and is cheap.

Tips on DIY Eye Makeup for Business Portraits

  • Eye makeup needs to be two shades darker for professional photos
  • Eye liner should be applied lightly only to the outer half of the eyes
  • Mascara should always be black
  • Eyebrows need emphasis using a dark brown or black pencil

Eye liner is next - brown or smoke works well but black is usually too severe for most people.The outer half of the eye should be lightly lined - too much and you will look like you are about to go clubbing. It's not neccessary to do the bottom line - if you do then take it half way otherwise it will make the eye look smaller.

Mascara should always be black (even if you are blond). A good choice is Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in Very Black. Finally, emphasise your eyebrows using a medium brown colour such as Avon Perfect Eyebrow Pencil

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