Actors Headshot DIY Makeup Tips and Advice


Tip 1 - Preparation for your Photo Shoot

If you are planning to cut and colour your hair, do so two weeks before the photo shoot. This will give you time to try out different styles and find the best look for the day.

Facial hair removal (waxing and plucking) needs doing two days before the headshot studio session. This will allow any irritation and redness to disappear. Teeth whitening is also an option at this stage - try using CVS Teeth Whitening Gel - fast, cheap, effective and easy to apply.

Headshot Photo Shoot Preparation

  • Two weeks to go - Hair treatments and cutting
  • Two days to go - Facial hair removal & teeth whitening
  • The night beforehand - No booze or drugs and a good nights sleep
  • Morning of the shoot - Eye drops and moisturizer

On the morning of your photo shoot, put on your moisturiser and sunscreen, allowing plenty of time for it to take effect. Eye drops are also a good idea at this stage.

The rest of your makeup can be applied in our headshot photo studios - just let us know that you will need time to apply your own makeup - you will need an extra 20 to 30 minutes to do this.

Tip 2 Foundation and Concealer

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