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Tip 4 - Jaw Line, Necks and Double Chins

You are sitting in the photo studio feeling intimidated, the camera has quite literally sucked the life out of your body, leaving you with droopy shoulders, a slack quivering jaw and eyes that have become black, expressionless pits of despair in your head.

Remember your posture - sit up straight, breathe in and bring your shoulders back. Leaning slightly forward at the waist and bringing your forehead closer to the camera will give a strong jaw line, eliminate double chins and improve the look of any neck wrinkles. It will feel like an E.T. impression but, believe me, it will work wonders.

Jaw Line, Neck and Double Chins

  • Straighten your back and pull your shoulders back
  • Lean forwards at the waist
  • Stretch out your neck, bringing your forehead closer to the lens
  • Lift your chin up and look straight at the camera

Professional makeup and digital retouching can also improve the look of the jaw line and neck without making the photos looked too overworked, and retaining a natural look. The trick to the above posing technique is to feel comfortable with it. It also works well when being photographed from the side - you then need to bring your ear closer to the camera as opposed to your forehead

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