Must Have Poses for Internet Dating Profile Pictures


Essential Posing Ideas for Online Dating Portraits

Our advice is to make use of your time in our photo studios and come away with a least half a dozen primary and secondary profile photos, showing different poses, outfits and backgrounds

Online Dating Poses

  • Primary poses should be head and shoulders
  • Half length and full length shots to show you body shape
  • Our photographers may also shoot location shots around Camden
  • Business, evening, sporty and casual clothes are useful options
  • An engaging, friendly smile (with and without teeth) is recommended
  • All your photos should exhibit engaging eye contact

By using a combination of the above ideas, you will get maximum value from your photo shoots and come away with a comprehensive range of photos tailored made for a wow factor dating profile.

If you have the budget, then using our professional makeup artist is strongly recommended - for both men and women. Digital retouching is also a great idea.

Double Chins, Necks, Wrinkles

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