Posing Arms and Hands in Internet Dating Photo Shoots


Tip 4 - What to do with Arms and Hands in Online Dating Portraits

Not sure what to do with your hands and arms during a photo shoot - don't worry, our professional photographers will guide you through the process, offering suggestions as required.

One way to avoid the issue altogether, is to crop closely and take a head and shoulders shot. This is, in fact, a 'Must Have' Pose and will more than likely be used as your main profile photo.

A popular solution is to cross your arms. However, you will need to be fully relaxed in the studio to pull it off successfully. If you are not relaxed this pose can seem defensive and unapproachable.

Posing Hands and Arms in Dating Photos

  • Crop out the arms for a head and shoulders shot
  • Crossed arms only work with individuals who are completely relaxed
  • Keep awkward hands busy with accessories and props
  • Use poses which create interesting angles and diagonals

Our photographers will strive to achieve poses which create diagonals in photo. A simple example of this is placing the hands on the hips - the arms form an interesting angular pattern which draws the observer into the photo. Another top tip is to keep awkward hands busy - holding a phone, accessories and props that give an insight into your life.

Tip 5 - 'Must Have' Poses

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