Should you Smile in Online Dating Portraits


Tip 3 - Smiling - Mouth Open or Mouth Closed?

Portraits were the subject is not smiling and lit by moody lighting can definitley look mysterious and interesting. However, there are good reasons why your primary profile photo should show you smiling. Smiling sends the message that you are approachable and friendly - which is an absolutely essiential for dating profile photos. Futhermore, an open mouth smile with the teeth visible is even more inviting. It is a statistical fact that people who smile in online dating photos get a much higher hit rate than those that don't.

Making a Smile look Geniune in Online Dating Photos

  • Begin with relaxing your facial muscles by blowing your cheeks out
  • Think of a completely side splitting, laugh out loud moment in your life
  • Squintlng slightly with your lower eyelids is a top tip
  • If neccessary, use teeth whitening products before the photo shoot

Many people are very self conscious about showing their teeth in photos due to their condition. Teeth whitening products can be used before the shoot. Another option is to use subtle digital retouching to whiten the teeth and to correct flaws in their appearance.

Our final piece of advise, is pracitise your smile in the mirror, until you are happy with it

Tip 4 - What to do with your Hands

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