A Guide to Hair Styling and Makeup for your Online Dating Photo Shoot


Tip 2 - Hair and Makeup in Online Dating Portraits

Please note that under the glare of studio lighting, faces can sometimes appear to be washed out and featureless - this is the reason why it is a good idea to use our Professional Makeup Artist for your photo shoot - this applies to both men and women. Combined with Digital Retouching, the result will be a realistic wow factor portrait of YOU on your BEST day.

  • Come to the studio with clean hair, styled to enhance your facial features
  • Avoid the use of products that make hair look unnatural and stiff
  • Applied hair colour should compliment your complexion
  • Avoid extreme hair styles - your hairstyle should not dominate the photos
  • Be aware that pulling hair back from your face, can age you
  • Use only long-wearing, smudge-proof, waterproof cosmetics.
  • Matte foundation and face powder will reduce unflattering shine
  • Shimmery and glittery cosmetics will not look good in dating portraits
  • Use light to medium colour eye shadows, heavily applied
  • Use a more vibrant shade of lipstick than normal for studio portraits

We have produced a DIY Makeup Guide for those of you who wish to apply their own makeup.

Tip 3 - How to Smile

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