Tips on the Importance of Eyes in Business Portraits


Tip 8 - Do's and Don't of Eye Contact in Business Headshots

Strong eye contact is essential for effective business portraits. The subject should look straight into the lens of the camera. Most people also have one eye that is larger than the other and unsymmetrical facial features. The effects of unsymmetrical features can be reduced when the subject is photographed in standard 3/4 profile.

Eye Contact -Tips and Advice

  • Eye contact with the camera lens is a must
  • Don't open your eyes as wide as possible and stare insanely at the camera
  • Try laughing with your eyes
  • Relax and ever so slightly squint with you lower eye lids

Many people when asked to look into the camera, will open their eyes as wide as possible in an effort to look bright and lively. At best, this can look unnatural and at worst it can look dementedly creepy.

We suggest you try and laugh with your eyes. A good way to achieve this effect is to squint ever so slightly with your lower eye lids only.

Don't over do the squinting - otherwise you will look like Clint Eastwood ready for a shoot out.

Tips and Advice - What to Wear

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