Tips for Spectacle Wearers in Business Portraits


Tip 7 - Glasses can Cause Problems in Executive Headshots

The problem with wearing glasses when being professionally photographed is that the lights will cause distracting reflections across the eyes. When ever possible, we recommend you remove your specs but completely understand if this is not an option.

Anti-glare lenses help may help but the ideal solution is to bring along a pair of glasses with the lenses removed. You business portraits will look natural and clean.

Tips for Overcoming Spectacle Problems in the Studio

  • If possible, remove your glasses to prevent distracting reflections
  • Anti glare lenses may work but are not a perfect solution
  • Spectacle frames with the lenses removed is a very effective option
  • Photo chromic lenses should be avoided

Photo chromic lenses will look too dark in your portrait, and and should be avoided. When removing the lenses is not an option, the face can be photographed with and without glasses and the eyes replaced using digital retouching.

Tip 8 - Eyes - Do's and Don'ts

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