What to do with Hands and Arms in Corporate Headshots


Tip 4 - Coping with Awkward Arms and Hands in Business Photos

Hands and arms are not an issue in many business headshots as they are always cropped out of the photo. However, it's a good idea to get your photographer to take wider views as well as the cropped version. These wider views offer a little more flexibility when laying out future marketing material.

In many business portrait photos people often cross their arms. This can work well if the subject is entirely relaxed in front of the camera. However, alternatives to the 'crossed arm' shot should be found as it can sometimes seem defensive and non approachable.

Hands and Arms in Business Photos

  • Cropping to head and shoulders may be a solution
  • Crossed arms only work with individuals who are completely relaxed
  • 'Action' shots will remove awkwardness connected with arms and hands
  • Get your subject to interact with their work environment in some way

An 'action' shot is usually the answer to this dilemma. You can hold a pen, a file, a clipboard or a bunch of papers. Technological gadgets such as phones, lap tops, tablets can help out but be aware that they may quickly date a photograph. Remember that people will relax more in front of a camera when they are actively doing something connected with their work environment.

Tip 5 - Headshot Posing

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