Smiling in Corporate Headshots


Tip 3 - Smiling - Mouth Open or Mouth Closed?

Smiling portrays openness and approachability - essential ingredients for marketing any type of business. What many of us do not think about is whether we should smile with out mouths open or closed. From a body language point of view, someone who is smiling with their mouth open appears far more friendly than someone smiling with their mouth closed. Take a quick look at our business headshot portfolio.

Smiling in Business Photos

  • A confident smile is a must for any business marketing photo
  • Smiling with mouth open is more engaging than smiling with mouth closed
  • Your gnashers can easily be digitally retouched resulting in perfect teeth

There are two main issues that crop up when asking people to smile with the mouth open. Many people feel self-conscious when smiling open mouthed for a business profile photo, making them appear uncomfortable in front of the camera. If this is the case, being relaxed in front of the camera takes precedence over the type of smile.

The other issue which crops up all the time, is teeth which are not perfect. Many people are embarrassed because of wonky teeth, staining and gaps etc. All these faults can easily be rectified by digital retouching resulting in a perfect set of gnashers.

Tip 4 - Arkward Hands and Arms

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