Hair and Makeup for Business Photo Shoots


Tip 2 - Hair and Makeup for Business Portraits

For Woman

  • Apply you makeup as you as you would for a formal evening out
  • Never wear makeup? Definitely wear some for your photo shoot
  • Bring in hair products, hair brush, comb and a blow dryer on the day
  • Top Tip - Don’t wash your hair the night or the morning before the shoot
  • Matte powder will eliminate shine in your photos

For Men

  • A little powder to cut down the shine is a good idea
  • Shave well beforehand to allow any redness and skin irritation to disappear
  • Don’t be tempted to get a haircut cut before the day of the shoot!

Clients are welcome to do their own makeup and hair, whether at our London studios or in your offices. However, when the budget allows, we can provide professional makeup and hair styling. which is an excellent idea for both men and women.

Tip 3 - Smiling - Mouth Open ?

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