Professional Makeup and Hair Styling for Headshots


Headshot Makeup Advice for Actors

There is a lot of conflicting advice on the web concerning makeup for actors headshots. Everyone agrees that light makeup that gives a natural look is what to aim for. However, if you apply what you consider to be natural makeup then walk into a photographers headshot studio, your face will look washed out and featureless under the studio lighting.

To achieve a natural look under studio lighting conditions requires the makeup to be applied one or two shades darker than normal.

Benefits of a Professional Makeup Artist

  • We will showcase YOU at your very best
  • Skin tone will be flawless, healthy looking and glowing
  • Professional makeup will draw subtle attention to your eyes
  • Studio makeup is generally matt - cutting down on shine

Both MEN and women can benefit from professional headshot makeup. Combined with digital retouching, the result will be an outstanding headshot which will be a true, natural, representation of you looking your absolute best. Take a look at our actors headshot makeup gallery to see examples. For those of you that would like to apply their own makeup, take a look at our wow factor DIY Headshot Makeup Tips.

DIY Headshot Makeup Tips

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