'Must Have' Poses for Actors headshots


Posing Ideas for Studio Headshots

If you've gone to the trouble of booking one of our London headshot photographers you probably have a good idea of what you want the final result to look like. Our advice is to make use of your time in our photo studios and come away with a range of shots, keeping your options open for a variety of casting choices. Remember that Spotlight now allows the use of multiple images - so show your versatility!

Ideas for Headshot Poses

  • Commercial and theatrical/film headshots (definitely recommended)
  • Shot on a choice of plain backgrounds - white, gray or black are useful
  • Formal (Business and Evening wear ) and casual clothes
  • Smiling, smiling with teeth and no smile
  • In character shots - eg, confident, moody, vulnerable, enigmatic, etc
  • All your photos should exhibit engaging eye contact

A combination of the above ideas will lead to a very useful selection of headshots ideal for a variety of uses.

If you have the budget, then using our professional makeup artist is a strongly recommended - for both men and women. digitally retouching is also a great idea.

Top Ten Tips For Looking Good

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